Dr Yesheen Singh

“I am a qualified medical doctor with a passion for plant-based medicine and nutrition. Food and herbology have been a part of the healing arts for over 5000 years. Only recently have we become so distanced from natures pharmacy and dependant on the chemical copies that often cause more harm than good. My intention with this blog is to educate you, the reader, about your body and how to utilise the bounty of nature to achieve optimal health.”

Dr Singh holds an MBChB from the University of the Free State School of Medicine and an MBA from the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business. He has studied nutrition with the Institute of Functional Medicine and employs a systems approach to health and wellbeing. He is a public speaker, writes for several magazines and journals and appears regularly on TV and radio.

Dr Singh uses your questions to inspire new  blog posts weekly. Please contact us through Facebook or Instagram to submit a question and to read articles based on previously-submitted questions.

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